October 2010

"The Corporations Have Their Lobbyists, We Have Jan Schakowsky"

 Al Sindelar, an electrician from Niles, has been a Jan fan since before she was elected to Congress.

He told us that, “The big banks and corporations have their lobbyists, but we have Jan Schakowsky to fight for us in Congress.”  Watch "Al’s story," the TV advertisement we’re running to get the vote out!
We've got just seven days to boost our turnout operation and help Jan and every Democrat up and down the ballot.

Help us put this ad on the air and keep it there through election day. For every $50 we can air this ad once on Cable TV in the 9th district. Help us expand our buy this week!

Don't forget to spread Al’s message by posting the video link on your Facebook page or sending it to your friends.

Another Dirty Trick From Pollak's Misinformation Campaign

It's come to this: Joel Pollak is holding a campaign rally next week and falsely billing it as a "debate" between he and Jan. The thing is, Jan never agreed to participate in an event with Pollak on Wednesday.

This guy obviously has a hard time not misrepresenting the facts -- this fake debate is just the latest in a slew of moves that have made up a campaign based on misinformation.

Somehow he's forgotten the two formal debates this month and numerous other joint appearances that he and Jan have already made. Just because he's advertising the event as a "debate" doesn't make it true. This is yet another stunt aimed at misleading the voters.

Help us trounce this guy on November 2nd -- we need your help. Send a contribution or volunteer a few hours to get the vote out. Let's show him how we do it in the 9th!

Early Voting Starts Today, GO VOTE!

Early Voting Starts Today, GO VOTE!
Go show your support for Jan and great Democrats by early voting TODAY! You can conveniently vote at these locations:

Press Release: 9th District Debate Shows Stark Differences Between Candidates


9th District Debate Shows Stark Differences Between Candidates

Schakowsky Highlights Opponent's Right Wing Views


EVANSTON, IL (October 10th, 2010)
At the League of Women Voters sponsored candidate debate Sunday afternoon, stark differences became apparent in the positions of the two candidates with respect to critical economic and political issues.


Schakowsky's Campaign Manager, Alex Armour, said that Republican candidate Joel Pollak's statements in the debate showed clearly that his right wing views are inconsistent with the progressive values of the 9th District.


Pollak was greeted with loud boos from the audience when, in his closing statement, he made personal attacks on Schakowsky and her husband.


Armour noted that the Chicago Tribune criticized Pollak's tendency to resort to character attacks in its editorial endorsing Schakowsky.  The Tribune Editorial called on Pollak to "dial down the disdain for people who disagree with him."


Schakowsky's opening statement is below: