January 2011

A Frightening "Roadmap" for America in the Republican Rebuttal to the State of the Union

If part of you clings to that vision of an America where opportunity for all is possible or if you believe that it's time to take the somewhat tarnished American Dream out of cold storage, then be prepared to be deeply disappointed -- frightened even -- by Republican Representative Paul Ryan's response to President Obama's State of the Union Address. Ryan is the newly crowned Chairman of the House Budget Committee who was given control over how the House of Representatives allocates funding. His Republican colleagues voted in January to give him unilateral, unprecedented authority to set spending limits for everything from defense to education.

Stop The Repeal!

I hope you join me in signing this petition to stop GOP efforts to repeal President Obama's landmark Health Care Reform law that was passed last year.

This online petition was started by John Atkinson and his wife, who live in the Chicago area, whose lives were greatly impacted by the high cost of health care.  John has set a goal of delivering 20,000 signatures to John Boehner's office next week, I'm sure we can help him reach his goal.

Sign this petition and share it with your friends, we need to send a strong message to the GOP leadership that we don't want to move backward!