November 2012

Thank You!


What a thrilling election night!  You likely share my exhilaration and yes, relief, but I hope you also feel very proud that you helped make the victories happen.
Without the work done out of the 9th Congressional District, Barack Obama might have lost Iowa, or Wisconsin, or the popular vote.  Thanks to all of you who boarded the buses for long days of traveling and door-knocking.  Thanks to all the phone-callers who made tens of thousands of calls to voters in Illinois and around the country.  Thanks to all of you who gave generously of your money, making it possible for candidates like me to have yard signs, flyers, and paid organizers.  Thanks to the volunteers who served as managers, drivers, recruiters, data inputters and the dozens of other jobs that it takes to win elections.  
Our work has been recognized at the highest levels, and we are known around the country for delivering.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!