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Early Voting and Grace Period Voting Information

If you missed the registration deadline, it is not too late to participate.  At every early voting location in Suburban Cook County, and select locations around the City of Chicago, you may register and vote during Grace Period registration. . You will need two forms of ID to register during grace period registration, at least one of which must show your current address.  Grace period registration will continue until Election Day, with limited locations on the last two days before the General Election, November 3rd and 4th.

Cook County Board of Elections
Chicago Board of Elections


Videos from the 2014 Ultimate Women's Power Lunch

The 2014 Ultimate Women's Power Lunch was a huge success!  Here are videos of some of the highlights:

Remarks at the 2014 Ultimate Women's Power Lunch

13th Annual Ultimate Women’s Power Lunch
Remarks by Jan Schakowsky
May 5, 2014

My dear sisters and secure brothers,

This is an election year – or as some say, an off-year election, meaning that there is no Presidential race, and many of the pundits have concluded that turnout, especially of Democrats, will be down, so the Senate is likely to go Republican and Nancy Pelosi will not be the Speaker of the House.  Need I tell you – elections really matter, especially for women.

2014 Ultimate Women's Power Lunch

I'm very excited to announce the 2014 Ultimate Women's Power Lunch, with special guest, Lizz Winstead, the co-creator of The Daily Show and political satirist.

I am so excited to have Lizz join us for this year's Ultimate Women's Power Lunch. Lizz is one of the funniest people around, and a tireless advocate and spokesperson for progressive causes and women's rights.  I hope you can join Lizz, me, and a couple thousand other powerful women (and some guys), for an energizing and exciting Ultimate Women's Power Lunch.

Click here to purchase tickets.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Chicago Hilton
720 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL
Power Lunch Guest: $150

Featured Guest Speaker
Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show and political satirist

12:00 PM Lunch


To contribute by mail please send checks, made payable to: 
Schakowsky for Congress
PO Box 5130
Evanston, IL 60204-5130


Fundraising Reception with Congressman John Lewis this Sunday

Please join Jan for a reception Congressman John Lewis, a heroic leader of the Civil Rights movement, who will speak about his lifelong struggle against all forms of discrimination and the abridgment of rights, including the right to vote and the right to marry.

Sunday, June 9, 2013
1:00PM – 3:00PM
Private home in Winnetka, IL
For more information, please contact Sarah at


Jan's Story

We wanted to share with you some excerpts from a recent article by Rick Perlstein, author of the book Nixonland.  Perlstein's article is titled, "Why Occupy Needs to Start Making Demands," and tells the story of how Jan started on her path of activism, and how the Occupy movement can learn lessons from past Progressive victories.

…stories like the one Schakowsky told me next, sitting on her Michigan City porch, about how she became a warrior for justice in the first place, and how in the process she built an army.
It was 1969. Schakowsky was a housewife with two young children, and she was in a grocery store studying a package of rancid pepper steak. "I had to ask the butcher how old this thing they called 'pepper steak' was." He wouldn’t answer. "He told me I could go somewhere else." She left.
A week later, she heard a commotion around that same meat counter, the same butcher yelling the same thing at another young housewife. But that housewife, whose name was Jackie Kendall, did not budge. Schakowsky, impressed, joined forces with Kendall and together they started a new organization – they called it "National Consumers United" – and soon figured out what no one else had: that every packaged item in a supermarket had something called an "expiration date." Problem was, the expiration date was stamped on packages in code. Kendall and Schakowsky cracked the codes and published them all in a book; and then they moved out to the stores. "We would take the old stuff off the shelf. Oscar Meyer, the packaged meats – big offenders. And once we got the codes for baby food and infant formula – days, weeks, months, years behind the date." They would put the offending items in carts and wheel them up to the store manager, having stuck them with pencil holes so they couldn’t go back on the shelves.

The New 9th Congressional District

The New 9th Congressional District
Check out the map to see Illinois' redrawn 9th Congressional District.  The 9th includes all of the areas in the previous district, with the exception of Norridge, Harwood Heights, and the northern sections of Des Plaines and Niles.  The new areas include Arlington Heights, Prospect Heights, Mt. Prospect, Glenview, Northbrook, Norhtfield, Winnetka and Kennilworth.

You can type in your address using this link provided by the Illinois Board of Elections.

A Decade of Powerful Women!

10th Annual Ultimate Women's Power Lunch

Monday, April 11th
Chicago Hilton 
720 S. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL

Featured Guest Speaker
Eve Ensler

Pollak Contributors Make Bad Investment

 In 2006 the Republican candidate for Congress was Michael Shannon.  He did not report spending any money on his campaign that year to the Federal Election Commission.  However, he received 39, 916 votes – apparently the ambient Republican vote in the District.  

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky received 116,967 votes.
In 2010 Tea Party Republican Joel Pollak spent at least $604,700.  He received 54,254 votes.  
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky received 114,969 votes.
Even though Pollak spent much of his money attacking Schakowsky, she received only 1,998 fewer votes in 2010 than she did in 2006.  And in strong Democratic areas like Evanston, and in the 49th and 48th wards of Chicago, Jan Schakowsky actually received more votes in 2010 than in previous mid-term election in 2006. 
 And in spite of running in a year that was very favorable for Republicans and spending $604,700 more than Michael Shannon, who reporting spending nothing, Pollack received only 14,338 more votes in 2010 than Shannon did in a Democratic year, 2006.  Each of those votes cost Pollack $42.17.
Pollak also had a hard time communicating his message closer to home, he still wasn’t able to convince his neighbors in the Devonshire neighborhood in Skokie to support him, those precincts went for Schakowsky 63%-33%.
 Overall, Schakowsky still beat him better than two to one (66.2% to 31.3% -- third Party got 2.5%).

Press Release: 9th District Debate Shows Stark Differences Between Candidates


9th District Debate Shows Stark Differences Between Candidates

Schakowsky Highlights Opponent's Right Wing Views


EVANSTON, IL (October 10th, 2010)
At the League of Women Voters sponsored candidate debate Sunday afternoon, stark differences became apparent in the positions of the two candidates with respect to critical economic and political issues.


Schakowsky's Campaign Manager, Alex Armour, said that Republican candidate Joel Pollak's statements in the debate showed clearly that his right wing views are inconsistent with the progressive values of the 9th District.


Pollak was greeted with loud boos from the audience when, in his closing statement, he made personal attacks on Schakowsky and her husband.


Armour noted that the Chicago Tribune criticized Pollak's tendency to resort to character attacks in its editorial endorsing Schakowsky.  The Tribune Editorial called on Pollak to "dial down the disdain for people who disagree with him."


Schakowsky's opening statement is below: