Action Steps 10/11/17

IL-9 Action Newsletter 10/11/17


5 Things To Do This Week to Resist from the IL-9


Prepare for Future Elections


Across the country since last November, our nation has seen an uptick in individuals interested in running for public office someday. If you or a friend have that urge to serve but feel like you don’t yet have all the information you need, mark your calendars for the “How to Run for Public Office” panel on Thursday, October 19, from 7-8 p.m., at Skokie Public Library. This free event will feature three local elected officials and hopefuls sharing why they felt drawn to a life in a public service, the steps they took to determine where they could best serve, and gathering resources to become informed candidates with strong campaigns. Call the library at 847-673-7774 to register.


Ongoing Action on Health Care


Not only has the current administration pulled funding from the Affordable Care Act’s advertising budget, but they’ve also announced that they’ll be taking down the ACA website for so-called maintenance every Sunday but one during open enrollment—essentially doubling down on efforts to “prove” the vital program is a failure by keeping people from knowing when and how to enroll for 2018. We cannot let this tactic work. Join the thunderclap to remind members in your community of the upcoming ACA signup dates via your social media platforms.


And if you personally will be enrolling in ACA for 2018, or if you have friends or family members who will, take advantage of the resources and alerts provided by Get America Covered. Add your email to their database to receive enrollment information and resources to support others in your community who rely on the ACA for health insurance.


Stay Informed


The president continues to throw the term “fake news” at every news story he doesn’t like—a disgraceful habit that undermines the fact that democracy operates when information is accurate and accessible. If you haven’t yet, now’s a good time to live your values and subscribe to a reputable news publication. Whether you opt for The Washington Post, The New York Times, a local paper like The Chicago Tribune, or a donation to a journalism organization like ProPublica, news organizations need our financial support in order to keep reporting on what’s really happening in our country and the world.


Ongoing Action: Hit the Pavement


We can never take it for granted that progressive Democrats will be on our election ballots, even in a part of the country that historically has plenty of Democrat activity. Volunteers are needed to go out and garner petition signatures aimed at ensuring Jan Schakowsky and other Democrats will be on our 2018 ballots. You can find out more on Jan’s website.