Action Steps 10/4/17

IL-9 Action Newsletter 10/4/17


5 Things To Do This Week to Resist from the IL-9


Support Fellow Americans in Puerto Rico


Weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, residents on the island are still suffering from catastrophic living conditions: only 5% of the island’s power supply has been restored, much of the island is without running water, and residents are waiting in line for hours to purchase food. Relief is needed, and two organizations—United for Puerto Rico and UNICEF—are doing the work to ensure Puerto Ricans get what they need as the island works toward recovery. Donate what you can.


Even once hurricane recovery is eventually complete in Puerto Rico, our fellow Americans who live on the island have additional longstanding financial and legislative strikes against them. Sign this petition from to demonstrate your support of alleviating Puerto Rican debt and outdated legislation that negatively impacts lives and livelihoods on the island.


Prepare for Upcoming Elections


Our Revolution Illinois will be hosting a Gubernatorial Candidate Forum on Sunday, October 8, from 1-3 p.m., at the Chicago Teachers Union Center. Seven Democratic candidates for governor are confirmed to attend and will share their platforms and visions for Illinois. Attendance is expected to be full, and interested attendees should RSVP and read how the venue will seat those at the event. The gubernatorial primary election will take place in March 2018.


The next local training to become a voting registrar—someone who can register those eligible to vote—will take place on Tuesday, October 10, from 6:30-8 p.m., at the Reba Early Learning Center in Evanston. The training is free, but you must sign up to attend. Register here and do your part to ensure that all eligible residents are able to vote in upcoming elections. Participants must already be registered to vote in Cook County.


Ongoing Action on Health Care


Not only has the current administration pulled funding from the Affordable Care Act’s advertising budget, but they’ve also announced that they’ll be taking down the ACA website for so-called maintenance every Sunday but one during open enrollment—essentially doubling down on efforts to “prove” the vital program is a failure by keeping people from knowing when and how to enroll for 2018. We cannot let this tactic work. Join the thunderclap to remind members in your community of the upcoming ACA signup dates via your social media platforms.


Bonus Ongoing Action: Hit the Pavement


We can never take it for granted that progressive Democrats will be on our election ballots, even in a part of the country that historically has plenty of Democrat activity. Volunteers are needed to go out and garner petition signatures aimed at ensuring Jan Schakowsky and other Democrats will be on our 2018 ballots. You can find out more on Jan’s website.