Action Steps 1/10/18

IL-9 Action Newsletter 1/10/18


5 Things To Do This Week to Resist from the IL-9


Double Check that You’re Registered to Vote


It’s not too early to start thinking about voting in 2018 elections. Now is a great time to double check whether you’re properly registered to vote. Have you moved? Changed your name? Had some other life event that might have affected your voter registration? Check into it now so that you have plenty of time to register should you need to.


Help Ensure the Youngest Voters Can Vote


Did you know that, in Illinois, 17-year-olds who will be 18 by the date of the next general election are eligible to preregister to vote? Yet voter education for soon-to-be voters is both vital and sorely lacking. That means there are classrooms of high school students who will be eligible to vote in the November gubernatorial election, but who may not know they can take care of registering to vote now. Share that info with all the 17-year-olds in your life, then reach out to your local high schools and teen organizations to ask what they’re doing to support voter preregistration among their students.


Ask Your Employer to Make Voting Easier


In Illinois, employers are legally allowed to give employees two hours of paid time off on general election days to vote. Many organizations and employers don’t make use of this law, however, and voter turnout at elections—in particular midterm elections, like the one coming up in November—is routinely dismal. Make a plan to talk to your supervisor or your HR department about all employees being able to vote on work time if that makes voting easier for them. Use these resources from to help make your case.


Want to Vote by Mail? File Your Application


Illinois registered voters who are interested in voting by mail in the 2018 primary election may now file the application to cast their ballots via mail in advance of election day. Head to the State Board of Elections website to download the application and for more information. Vote by mail applications for the primary will be accepted through March 15.


Make Your Sign & Get Ready to March


Reminder! On Saturday, January 20, Women’s March Chicago has organized the March to the Polls, a massive demonstration a year after the 2017 Women’s March. This march is an opportunity to show that women and their allies are a voice to be reckoned with when it comes to political activity in this country. It’s also an opportunity to emphasize the importance of registering to vote and voting in all upcoming elections this year. Make sure to get the details on your calendar, and find out more here.