Action Steps 11/8/17

IL-9 Action Newsletter 11/8/17


5 Things To Do This Week to Resist from the IL-9


Share Your Thoughts for Education


In October, the Secretary of Education released a draft of her priority areas for competitive grant programs for the coming years. These priorities set the bar for what types of educational programs can—and cannot—look to federal funding for support. Through November 13, the Department of Education is seeking feedback on these priority areas. Take a few minutes to submit a comment on what you and your school communities feel are the educational areas needing the most attention. Now is the time to advocate for what sectors of education will most benefit from funding, from school libraries with certified librarians to afterschool enrichment programs.


Get Inspired


One of the biggest cultural shifts since the 2016 presidential election is in the number of women who are now pursuing elected office. Emily’s List reported in 2016 that 920 women were preparing to run for elected office. That number today is 20,000, and the 2017 results from various states show just how successful women can be when they run. Whether you’re among those ranks or you simply wish to learn how to better support the women in your community who aim to serve, take some time to watch She’s the Ticket, short web videos featuring five women who are stepping up to the challenge.


Choose Your Health Plan


It’s time! It’s now open enrollment for those seeking health coverage under the Affordable Care Act. That means it’s time to change or add coverage for yourself and your family, and also to make sure all your friends and neighbors know it’s time to enroll, too. In the past few months, the current administration has done plenty to try to undermine signups; we cannot let this tactic work. Visit the Get America Covered project’s website for resources and support to make sure all your friends and family know that enrollment lasts November 1 through December 15.


Ongoing Autumn Action


Through November 15, volunteers will be calling Illinois registered voters to encourage them to contact Governor Rauner and insist that his Family Foundation cease distributing false information aimed at denying climate change. Governor Rauner’s Family Foundation has distributed scientifically inaccurate information to over 200,000 teachers across the country, negatively impacting students. Sign up here to phone bank on Tuesday or Wednesday evening.


Raise Your Consciousness

Brooke Gladstone, host of the NPR radio program On the Media, was recently in town to give a talk for the Chicago Humanities Festival. Gladstone spoke about her recent book The Trouble with Reality: A Rumination on Moral Panic in Our Time. It’s now one full year since the 2016 presidential election, and if you’re still looking to make sense of the result—or even if you’re just curious to better understand why the nation still feels so divided—The Trouble with Reality is a great, short read to add to your list. Bonus: If your local library has a service called Hoopla, you can read it immediately for free on any internet-connected device with your library card number.