Action Steps 12/20/17

IL-9 Action Newsletter 12/20/17


5 Things To Do This Week to Resist from the IL-9


Demand a DREAM Act


On Wednesday afternoon December 20, starting at 3 p.m., demonstrators will be participating in a sit-in at the office of Senator Dick Durbin downtown at 230 South Dearborn. This sit-in, an action from the #OurDream Alliance, is one of many demonstrations happening nationwide this week to demand that Congress pass a clean DREAM Act as part of their spending bill, which must be authorized by Friday, December 22 to avoid a shutdown. Find this and other events at the Fight for Our Dream website.


Learn from the Alabama Senate Special Election


Democrat Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions early this month in a special election. He won by an extremely narrow margin, and exit polls show his victory hinged on the votes of black Alabamans showing up to the polls. Many states don’t make it easy for people of color and other historically marginalized people to get out and vote—and voter suppression tactics tend to mean people who would typically vote on the liberal side of the ticket never get their voices heard. Gear up for the 2018 midterm election battles by reading up on the main lesson from the Alabama Jones win: that it’s vital to ensure black voters can cast their ballots.


Take some time to educate yourself on voter suppression tactics currently being used across the country to keep the poor, people of color, and the youngest and oldest potential voters from casting their ballots. Visit Spread the Vote to learn more, and consider donating to help Americans in districts requiring voter IDs to secure the documentation necessary to exercise their right to vote.


Be Prepared for Potential Demonstrations


There has been an uptick in chatter recently of conservative officials and pundits calling for the removal of special counsel Robert Mueller from the Department of Justice investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 election. Groups across the country have put together rapid response demonstration networks that are ready to spring into action should Mueller be fired over the next few weeks. Find your preferred demonstration location and add your name to the list of those to be notified in the event of a Mueller firing.


Move On is also putting together a contact list for individuals who want to be kept informed of demonstrations that may follow any event deemed necessary of a crisis response, from an attack within the United States to an attack on the civil liberties of Americans. Add your name to ensure you’ll be in the know should any sudden event inspire a demonstration in response.