Action Steps 12/27/17

IL-9 Action Newsletter 12/27/17


5 Things To Do This Week to Resist from the IL-9


As 2017 comes to a close and 2018 begins, now is the perfect time for resistance reflection and goal-setting. During this week as the calendar changes to a new year, spend some time thinking about these questions to wrap up your 2017 resistance work and to set yourself some goals for 2018.


What did you do to resist in 2017? Thinking back on the full year, what did you do to contribute to resistance efforts? Did you attend a march or protest? Circulate or sign petitions? Phone bank for progressive candidates in typically red states? Make a list of all you did to resist this year, and note the activities that left you feeling particularly energized and empowered.


What would you like to do more of in 2018? Consider your 2017 activities, especially those that left you feeling like you were making a difference, and set some measurable goals to engage in those types of activities again in 2018. For example, if you felt powerful while canvassing to get local candidates on the 2018 ballot, make a commitment to spend time in 2018 canvassing or phone banking for those candidates as the midterm elections near. Add a recurring reminder to your calendar so you’ll get nudges throughout the year to follow through on your goals.


What issues are most important to you? One thing we learned in 2017 is that we could all easily stretch ourselves too thin by trying to take action on every topic that matters—there are so many issues that need attention and action. The resistance is large, however, which means that individuals really can make a substantial difference by focusing on just one to three issues that are most important to you. So sit down, make a list of the issues that move you the most, and think about two ways you can support progress on each issue. For instance, if you care most about immigrant rights, you can commit to donating to immigrant legal defense organizations and demonstrating and making calls to demand a DREAM Act. Don’t underestimate the value of donating to the causes you care about—funding is vital to helping make our ideal, equitable nation a reality.


What do you still want to know more about? It would be an understatement to simply say there’s been a lot of news this year; often it’s felt as though the main news stories have changed so quickly that it’s hard to stay informed. We all have topics on which we don’t know as much as we’d like or we should, so for 2018 make a commitment to learn about that topic, that legislation, or that idea that you keep hearing about but don’t quite understand just yet. Better yet, commit to exploring a new topic each month, or every week. A more informed citizenry makes our country stronger. Make sure you utilize reputable information sources as you grow your brain.


Do you know people who don’t or can’t vote? 2018 is a midterm election year, and the stakes—while always high—are particularly so this year. In Illinois, we have the opportunity to kick Governor Rauner out of office and elect a progressive governor; neighboring Congressional districts have the chance to send a Democratic representative to D.C. and help turn the House of Representatives blue. Commit to helping friends and neighbors register to vote if they’re not already, then commit to ensuring they can and do get to the polls on Election Day. It’s months away, but making the commitment now and being on the lookout for ways to help everyone vote—especially those who are typically marginalized—is a first step toward taking back our elected offices.


Together we can make our voices and our actions even more powerful than in 2017. Keep resisting.