Action Steps 1/31/18

IL-9 Action Newsletter 1/31/18


3 Things To Do This Week to Resist from the IL-9


Raise Your Consciousness


Writer Anand Giridharadas was a featured speaker at the Obama Foundation Summit this past October; his talk explored the urgency we currently feel toward enacting change at this moment in history. Read (or watch) his remarks here and consider how illusions of change have impacted your own work toward a more progressive, welcoming country. What can you take away from Giridharadas’s exploration of ways to enact meaningful change?


Make Some Calls


Indivisible Illinois has organized ongoing phone banking to encourage Illinois residents in Republican-led Congressional districts to reach out to their elected officials and express displeasure at the passing of the recent tax reform bill. While we in the IL-9 have progressive-minded support from our elected officials, we can encourage our nearest neighbors to make their voices heard to their more conservative representatives. Find out more and sign up to make calls here.


Help Puerto Rico


Despite the president’s assurance in his State of the Union address that our union is strong, millions of our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria—even four and a half months following the disaster. Now FEMA is withdrawing aid from the island, leaving few desperately-needed resources for the million still without power and the hundreds of thousands relying on aid to overcome broken infrastructure. Aid from citizens of conscience is still needed; see this PBS article, which lists a number of organizations to which you can donate money or supplies.