Action Steps 2/7/18

IL-9 Action Newsletter 2/7/18


3 Things To Do This Week to Resist from the IL-9


Demand Voter Rights


Illinois could do a much better job of ensuring all eligible citizens are able to exercise their right to vote—in particular those citizens who are awaiting trial and those who have served their time in prison and been released. HB 4469 has been proposed in the Illinois legislature to ensure voting franchise of these marginalized individuals; use this tool from ACLU People Power to ask your state legislator to support the bill.


Help Flip Some Seats


While every election is absolutely important, the 2018 midterm elections are shaping up to be particularly influential and interesting. Gerrymandered districts are being redrawn in major battleground states, and groups like Flippable are focusing efforts on individual races in which progressive challengers have the best chance of ousting conservative incumbents and ending the Republican majorities in Congress. We all know that funding factors significantly in these contentious races, so consider sending some cash in the direction of the Flippable Fund as they amp up their 2018 strategy.


Raise Your Consciousness


The hyper-partisan political landscape in which we currently live comes at least in part from both conservatives’ and progressives’ disinclination to engage with one another in conversation and discussion. Watch this TEDx talk to explore why it’s important to “Help make America talk again,” and strategies for having meaningful, transformative conversations in your own life.