Action Steps 3/23/17

IL-9 Action Newsletter 3/22/17


5 Things To Do This Week to Resist from the IL-9


Boots on the Ground


Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will be in Chicago this week for a fundraiser and to promote the American Health Care Act, the proposed law to replace the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). The American Health Care Act will result in higher insurance costs and loss of coverage for many Americans. The resistance will meet Ryan’s visit with a protest on March 23, from 4-7:30 p.m. The demonstration will open with a rally at Federal Plaza before moving to the Chicago Club, where Ryan’s fundraiser is being held.


Evanston residents involved in the ACLU’s People Power will meet with the police chief on March 24, at 10 a.m. The meeting is planned to discuss Evanston’s sanctuary cities ordinance, in particular in relation to the ACLU’s 9 model policies and rules for law enforcement. RSVP to attend the meeting and advocate for the safety and welcome of all Evanston residents.


Raise Your Consciousness


Make plans to get more familiar with Illinois governance this weekend. Illinois State Representative Lou Lang will be presenting a workshop titled “Civics 101” on March 26, from 12-2 p.m. at Oakton Community Center in Skokie. The event, which is open to the public, will provide an all-ages introduction to government and legislative process in Illinois. Families are encouraged to attend together to learn more about how our government operates.


Sharing of false, misleading, and biased news—which collectively are being called “fake news”—has been a major problem lately, with misinformation spreading in particular over social media platforms. Be a responsible consumer of news by considering your own reading and sharing habits, especially as they may influence others’ news consumption. A study from the Media Insight Project reveals that who shares an article has a greater influence on whether a person considers that news credible than does the source of the news coverage. That is, if you trust your best friend, you’re more likely to trust a news source they share regardless of the credibility of the source. Use this study as a reminder to be thoughtful and discerning when you read the news, but to also think carefully about what you share in your networks.


Share Your Story

The president’s proposed budget includes the defunding of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, an institution that supports libraries and museums across the country through funding, research, and best practices. Tweet your support for librarians and museums using #saveIMLS to share a story of what libraries and museums have added to your life. Better yet, visit your local public library or museum. If you haven’t visited the library in a while, make sure to update your library card account during your visit.