Action Steps 3/28

IL-9 Action Newsletter 3/28/18


3 Things To Do This Week to Resist from the IL-9


Ensure Breastfeeding Moms Can Be Civically Engaged


While Illinois law requires employers to provide a lactation room for breastfeeding mothers, and another law requires such spaces in airports, the law currently does not extend to courthouses. Senate Bill 3503 in the Illinois legislature looks to change that, ensuring that all courthouses provide a lactation room or area that is sanitary (i.e., not a bathroom stall) and accessible. Use this ACLU tool to contact your state senator to ask their support for this bill. Moms who choose to breastfeed shouldn’t have to forego their choice in order to work or perform their civic duties in courthouses.


Ask Your State Elected Officials to Override Rauner’s Veto of Gun Dealer Licensing


Despite the bipartisan support that passed State Bill 1657, the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, Governor Rauner has vetoed this common sense legislation that would require gun shop employees to undergo background checks. Reach out to your state elected officials—both State Representatives and State Senators—to ask them to override the governor’s veto. Find your officials’ contact information here. Make sure to tell them that the time is now to take concrete measures toward ending gun violence in Illinois.


Protect Your Data on Facebook


If you find yourself concerned about the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal you’ve been seeing in the news, but are interested in staying on Facebook, now is the time to lock down your data within the social media platform so you’re sharing only what you’ve chosen to share. This article from the Electronic Frontier Foundation details how to change your Facebook settings so that you’re giving permission for data sharing only where you want to.