Action Steps 3/29/17

IL-9 Action Newsletter 3/29/17


5 Things To Do This Week to Resist from the IL-9


Boots on the Ground


Governor Rauner will be attending a fundraiser in Chicago this week—ironic that he’s raising money while he and his administration are responsible for the lack of a state budget in Illinois. Rauner’s appearance at the Governor’s Dinner will be met by constituents demanding he fulfill the responsibilities of his office, including signing a budget so that vital state agencies can conduct their work. Plan to join the demonstration on Thursday, March 30, at 5 p.m., outside the Hilton downtown.


April 4 is Equal Pay Day, and residents of the greater Chicagoland area will be demonstrating for equal pay for equal work downtown. Equal Pay Day takes place every April to symbolize the extent of the pay gap—the date signifies how far into the new year women typically need to work in order to earn what a male would earn in the previous year (that is, it takes a woman more than 15 months to earn what men do in 12). Register to participate in the demonstration on Tuesday, April 4, from 12-1 p.m., at Daley Plaza downtown.


Raise Your Consciousness


Interested in staying informed on the opposition to the repeal of the Affordable Care Act? Just because Republicans withdrew their American Health Care Act from a vote last week does not mean the Affordable Care Act is safe indefinitely. Participate in a call on Thursday, March 30, at 7 p.m., through Organizing for Action (if you’re not yet a member, create a free account) to learn more about actions to take to defend health care coverage, in particular during the upcoming Congressional recess.


The Mass Incarceration Task Force from The People’s Lobby and Reclaim Chicago will be leading an education program about bail bond reform on Monday, April 3, from 7-10 p.m., at Heartland Cafe. The program, part of a Bail Reform Popular Education Series, will explore the ways in which the current criminal justice system in Illinois and Chicago treat poverty as a crime in and of itself and simultaneously cause harm to communities of color. Plan to attend to become more familiar with the ways in which our criminal justice system perpetuates inequity and to learn about steps to take to demand a more just system.

You may have seen media coverage around #findourgirlsDC—girls of color have gone missing across Washington, D.C., in recent weeks. Regardless of the coverage you’ve seen thus far, it’s important to recognize that the disappearance of girls of color is not a new or escalating issue; these disappearances have been occurring steadily for years, and in cities across the country (including Chicago). Read this special report from Essence to get a better sense of the full scope of this issue that touches on both safety and systemic racism.