Action Steps 4/18/18

IL-9 Action Newsletter 4/18/18


3 Things To Do This Week to Resist from the IL-9


Participate in the National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools


Friday, April 20 is the National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools, the latest in a series of ongoing demonstrations part of the larger movement to end gun violence. Join the action—including supporting local students who may be walking out of class that day—by taking this pledge from Action Network and engaging in an action that will aid in the ending of gun violence in our country.


Don’t Allow History to Be Forgotten


Recent studies have shown that Americans are woefully uninformed when it comes to some of the most important historical events throughout our country’s existence. Whether it’s ignorance of the realities of the Holocaust, denying slavery led to the Civil War, or overlooking other significant moments in the past several centuries, Americans are forgetting—or not learning at all—the historical realities that give us critical perspective on our world today. Commit to spending some time exploring historical resources related to the vital moments in our country’s history using What Every American Should Know.


Be Prepared to Demonstrate


With the raid of the president’s lawyer’s office last week, there has been a resurgence in talk about the possibility that the president may try to remove special counsel Robert Mueller from the Department of Justice investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 election. Groups across the country have put together rapid response demonstration networks that are ready to spring into action should Mueller be fired. Find your preferred demonstration location and add your name to the list of those to be notified in the event of a Mueller firing.