Action Steps 8/30/17

IL-9 Action Newsletter 8/30/17


5 Things To Do This Week to Resist from the IL-9


Add Your Name


The president has threatened a government shutdown if he doesn’t get the funding to build the wall along the US/Mexico border as he boasted in his campaign—essentially threatening a tantrum if he doesn’t get what he wants, despite the fact that most Americans and elected officials don’t support the wall in the first place. Add your name to this petition aimed at making sure legislators know the public does not support the wall.


The president has also threatened to eliminate DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which allows undocumented residents who came to the United States as children to receive two-year, renewable permits allowing them to work in the country, contributing to our economy. In Illinois alone, elimination of the DACA program would result in over $2 billion annual losses to our state GDP—and that’s just a fraction of the $460 billion loss to GDP that would occur nationwide. Add your name to a petition to demand legislators protect DACA from white supremacists who would eliminate the program.


Grab Your Wallet


In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, local organizations are doing a giant’s share of work to ensure that residents displaced from their homes are able to have safe, dry shelter and vitals like food and clean water. The Houston Food Bank is one such organization, and they’re accepting donations so that they can more effectively respond to the needs of the tens of thousands of people displaced and affected by the hurricane. The Houston Diaper Bank is another great local organization working to ensure young children have hygienic, fresh diapers. Give what you can.


The president’s pardoning of former Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio sends a clear message to Latinx in Arizona: discrimination against them is perfectly acceptable to our commander in chief. Regardless of the message being sent by our president, there are local organizations working to protect and support the Latinx community and abused children who were negatively impacted by the former sheriff’s racist and illegal procedures. Take some time to learn about, then donate to, local organizations like Puente Arizona, which works for human rights, and Defenders of Children, which protects minors in abusive situations.


Get Involved


Common Cause is a nationwide organization dedicated to open, honest, and accountable government throughout our country. A major issue for the organization right now is fair elections, in particular ending dismantling gerrymandered district maps before the 2018 midterm election. Take a look at the resources and volunteer opportunities offered by Common Cause Illinois; lend some time to the pursuit of more fair, democratic elections in our state.