Action Steps 9/27/17

IL-9 Action Newsletter 9/27/17


5 Things To Do This Week to Resist from the IL-9


Support Health Care Rights


Even with the (apparent as of the writing of this list on the morning of 9/27) failure of the Graham-Cassidy health care bill, we’re still concerned that the administration has pulled funding from the Affordable Care Act’s advertising budget—essentially attempting to “prove” the vital program is failing by keeping citizens from knowing when and how to enroll for 2018. We cannot let this tactic work. Join the thunderclap to remind members in your community of the upcoming ACA signup dates via your social media platforms.


Our governor still has not signed HB40 into law, despite the fact that it’s been on his desk, confirmed by both the state house and senate, for months. This law protects the reproductive rights of Illinois residents regardless of any future federal legislation, and it’s vital for women’s health. Find out more, including how to call the governor at his offices, at Pass HB 40.


Strategize for Voter Rights


If you care about voter rights and making it simple for all eligible Americans to vote, you’ll want to participate in the “Let People Vote” launch event from People Power taking place this Sunday, October 1. Volunteer to host an event to watch the livestream, or find an event near you. Regardless of how you can participate, keep in mind that voting rights campaigns are crucial to the resistance and need your support.


Support Racial Justice


This Saturday, September 30, in Washington, D.C., thousands will be participating in the March for Racial Justice and the March for Black Women. Demonstrators will be marching to strengthen nationwide efforts for racial equity and justice. For information on getting from Chicago to D.C. through associated bus transportation, check out this resource.


If you can’t get to Washington, D.C. this weekend—and even if you can—take some time to read the bios and accomplishments of the black Americans identified by The Root as the Root 100 2017. One baby step toward racial justice is committing to seeing the humanity in every person, and seeking to learn the stories of others can be a start.


Bonus Ongoing Action: Hit the Pavement


We can never take it for granted that progressive Democrats will be on our election ballots, even in a part of the country that historically has plenty of Democrat activity. Volunteers are needed to go out and garner petition signatures aimed at ensuring Jan Schakowsky and other Democrats will be on our 2018 ballots. You can find out more on Jan’s website.