Another Dirty Trick From Pollak's Misinformation Campaign

It's come to this: Joel Pollak is holding a campaign rally next week and falsely billing it as a "debate" between he and Jan. The thing is, Jan never agreed to participate in an event with Pollak on Wednesday.

This guy obviously has a hard time not misrepresenting the facts -- this fake debate is just the latest in a slew of moves that have made up a campaign based on misinformation.

Somehow he's forgotten the two formal debates this month and numerous other joint appearances that he and Jan have already made. Just because he's advertising the event as a "debate" doesn't make it true. This is yet another stunt aimed at misleading the voters.

Help us trounce this guy on November 2nd -- we need your help. Send a contribution or volunteer a few hours to get the vote out. Let's show him how we do it in the 9th!