Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: Millionaires Over Medicare

The choice between President Obama and Mitt Romney became even more stark today with the selection of Paul Ryan as Romney’s Vice President.  From Mitt Romney, the message is clear:  Millionaires over Medicare.

In choosing Ryan, Mitt Romney has now doubled down in support of an extreme economic plan, clearly spelled out in the controversial Republican budget that Paul Ryan authored, that takes from the poor and middle class and further enriches the wealthiest Americans.  President Obama has called this “Robinhood in Reverse…Romneyhood.”

The Ryan/Romney budget which passed the Republican-dominated House of Representatives, ends Medicare as we know it, turning it into a voucher program controlled by private insurance companies, massively cutting health care spending for seniors and the disabled and forcing them to pay $6000 more a year for their care.

Their budget lets tax cuts for low-income Americans

expire and increases taxes up to $1,400 for families with children, while millionaires actually get an average tax cut of a quarter million dollars.

The Ryan/Romney plan cuts the federal education budget by 20%, which would force states to pay more for education, cut their budgets significantly, or lay-off more teachers.

Mitt Romney fully supports the Ryan budget, saying it “reflects his values.”  President Obama says he opposes the Ryan budget particularly because of what is would do to the middle class and those who aspire it.

Americans can now read in black and white a detailed vision of the America that Mitt Romney would build.  They can decide whether they think, as I do, that balancing a budget on the backs of the seniors, the disabled, and working families in order to give more tax breaks to the very rich is indefensible.  It is immoral.  It is wrong.  It is not the American way.