Pollak Contributors Make Bad Investment

 In 2006 the Republican candidate for Congress was Michael Shannon.  He did not report spending any money on his campaign that year to the Federal Election Commission.  However, he received 39, 916 votes – apparently the ambient Republican vote in the District.  

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky received 116,967 votes.
In 2010 Tea Party Republican Joel Pollak spent at least $604,700.  He received 54,254 votes.  
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky received 114,969 votes.
Even though Pollak spent much of his money attacking Schakowsky, she received only 1,998 fewer votes in 2010 than she did in 2006.  And in strong Democratic areas like Evanston, and in the 49th and 48th wards of Chicago, Jan Schakowsky actually received more votes in 2010 than in previous mid-term election in 2006. 
 And in spite of running in a year that was very favorable for Republicans and spending $604,700 more than Michael Shannon, who reporting spending nothing, Pollack received only 14,338 more votes in 2010 than Shannon did in a Democratic year, 2006.  Each of those votes cost Pollack $42.17.
Pollak also had a hard time communicating his message closer to home, he still wasn’t able to convince his neighbors in the Devonshire neighborhood in Skokie to support him, those precincts went for Schakowsky 63%-33%.
 Overall, Schakowsky still beat him better than two to one (66.2% to 31.3% -- third Party got 2.5%).