Thank You!


What a thrilling election night!  You likely share my exhilaration and yes, relief, but I hope you also feel very proud that you helped make the victories happen.
Without the work done out of the 9th Congressional District, Barack Obama might have lost Iowa, or Wisconsin, or the popular vote.  Thanks to all of you who boarded the buses for long days of traveling and door-knocking.  Thanks to all the phone-callers who made tens of thousands of calls to voters in Illinois and around the country.  Thanks to all of you who gave generously of your money, making it possible for candidates like me to have yard signs, flyers, and paid organizers.  Thanks to the volunteers who served as managers, drivers, recruiters, data inputters and the dozens of other jobs that it takes to win elections.  
Our work has been recognized at the highest levels, and we are known around the country for delivering.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!
Last night marked huge victories in Illinois for the U.S. House .  I focused much of my time on those races, as well as fulfilling my role as National Co-Chair of the Obama re-election campaign, and working on my own election race.  The 10th Congressional District finally has a Democratic Congressman -- the first sin
ce Abner Mikva.  Brad Schneider ran a tough race, and because of many of you, he will head to Washington to join me.  So will a real fighter, Cheri Bustos from western Illinois, along with my former colleague, scientist and businessman Bill Foster, Tammy Duckworth, a true American hero,  and General Bill Enyart, former head of the Illinois National Guard who is replacing the retiring Jerry Costello..  All of them found help and support from our district's donors and activists.  THANK YOU!!
The Republicans thought they could win it all with their millions and millions of dollars, and their willingness to say anything -- truthful or not.  But you didn't let them, proving once again that people power CAN trump the money!  
I am grateful to you for my 66% to 33% win, and pledge to reach out to the 
new parts of my district to provide constituent services and build relationships.  I am pleased that we helped elect progressive state and county leaders who will represent us so well.  Again, you made it happen!!
There is much work for us still to do, but it can wait a moment while we savor our victories and reflect on their importance for our lives and those of our children and grandchildren.  Everything we fought for and won -- women's rights, workers' rights, health care, the environment, civil  and human rights, voting rig
hts, Medicare and Social Security, -- were all at stake in this election.  But we succeeded in electing a President and other leaders who protect these hard-fought gains and continue to move us forward.