Why I Support Toni Preckwinkle


Dear Friends,

I have been a progressive activist all my life, advocating and organizing for women’s, labor, and civil rights, environmental quality, public schools and fighting the growing income inequality in our country.

I am supporting Toni Preckwinkle because we share those priorities and have made similar life choices. She too has a lifelong commitment to progressive values, and she has devoted her career to translating that commitment to concrete actions that benefit ordinary people. All along the way, Toni has had to stand up to the “good old boys club”, never flinching, and ultimately succeeding.

Toni started as a Chicago public school teacher, as did I. On her third try, she won as 4th Ward Alderman, having finally beaten the Chicago machine.  She focused on economic development, small businesses, improving public schools, and she brought 1500 units of affordable housing to her Southside Ward. 

I have first hand experience with Toni’s work as County Board President to deliver desperately needed health care to more than 320,000 residents who were previously uninsured. She fought mass incarceration of black and brown people by reducing the population of the county jail by over 30%. She championed living wages and paid sick leave.

Toni balanced the Cook County budget, and did it without slashing employee pension, proving that fiscal responsibility doesn’t mean gutting worker benefits. As a result, the pensions system Toni manages is in better shape than either the Illinois or Chicago systems. 

Toni Preckwinkle is prepared to bring progressive change to the City of Chicago – the only candidate equipped to do that!

There are those who have said Toni represents the “status quo” and that her opponent represents “change.” I couldn’t disagree more with that characterization of Toni.

I support Toni because she is the only progressive changemaker in the race – the only one who has persistently fought against the forces of the status quo to make real and enduring changes that improve the lives of everyday people.

The job of Mayor is not an easy one.  A hard-earned record of progressive accomplishments really matters.

 I strongly believe that the best person to bring Chicagoans together to tackle the complex challenges facing our beloved city, the person who has demonstrated her ability to lead us on a progressive path forward is Tony Preckwinkle. I urge you to vote for Toni Preckwinkle on or before April 2nd!