Join Jan for Summer Parades!

Join Jan for Summer Parades!

We have an exciting parade season coming up!  

Join Jan and fellow volunteers at any (or all!) of the following upcoming parades:

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July 4th: Arlington Heights

Arrive by 9:30am

Parade begins at Dunton and Oakton in Arlington Heights (map)

Exact Line-Up Spot: #34

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July 4th: Glenview

Arrive by 10:30am

Parade begins at Harlem and Glenview Rd in Glenview (map)

Exact Line-Up Spot #23

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July 4th: Skokie

Arrive by 11:30am

Parade begins at in the parking lot of 7701 N Lincoln in Skokie (map)

Exact Line-Up Spot #58

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July 4th: Evanston

Arrive by 1:30pm

Parade begins at Central Park East and Central in Evanston (map)

Exact Line-Up Spot #80

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Join Jan for a Rally to Support Hillary Clinton and Women Democrats on September 20th!

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Join Jan and fellow women Democrats for a rally to support Hillary Clinton and women in politics!

Join Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. Sen. Carol Ronen, Sen. Heather Steans, Rep. Kelly Cassidy, Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, Rep. Laura Fine, Commissioner Debra Shore, and Commissioner Bridget Gainer as they celebrate women in politics and share the plan for victory in 2016.

Where: Studio Paris, 59 W Hubbard, Chicago IL

When: Sunday, September 20th, 3:00PM

Refreshments provided

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2015 Summer Bash

Announcing the 2015 Jan Schakowsky Summer Bash!  

Join us at Headquarters Beercade, located at 213 W. Institute, Chicago, IL 60610 on Friday, July 31st from 5:30pm to 7:00pm!  

Come and enjoy the rotating craft beer selection, play the vintage arcade and pinball games, and catch up with fellow Jan Fans.

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Jan's Summer Bash

Early Voting and Grace Period Voting Information

If you missed the registration deadline, it is not too late to participate.  At every early voting location in Suburban Cook County, and select locations around the City of Chicago, you may register and vote during Grace Period registration. . You will need two forms of ID to register during grace period registration, at least one of which must show your current address.  Grace period registration will continue until Election Day, with limited locations on the last two days before the General Election, November 3rd and 4th.

Cook County Board of Elections
Chicago Board of Elections


Videos from the 2014 Ultimate Women's Power Lunch

The 2014 Ultimate Women's Power Lunch was a huge success!  Here are videos of some of the highlights:

Remarks at the 2014 Ultimate Women's Power Lunch

13th Annual Ultimate Women’s Power Lunch
Remarks by Jan Schakowsky
May 5, 2014

My dear sisters and secure brothers,

This is an election year – or as some say, an off-year election, meaning that there is no Presidential race, and many of the pundits have concluded that turnout, especially of Democrats, will be down, so the Senate is likely to go Republican and Nancy Pelosi will not be the Speaker of the House.  Need I tell you – elections really matter, especially for women.

2014 Ultimate Women's Power Lunch

I'm very excited to announce the 2014 Ultimate Women's Power Lunch, with special guest, Lizz Winstead, the co-creator of The Daily Show and political satirist.

I am so excited to have Lizz join us for this year's Ultimate Women's Power Lunch. Lizz is one of the funniest people around, and a tireless advocate and spokesperson for progressive causes and women's rights.  I hope you can join Lizz, me, and a couple thousand other powerful women (and some guys), for an energizing and exciting Ultimate Women's Power Lunch.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Chicago Hilton
720 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL
Power Lunch Guest: $150

Featured Guest Speaker
Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show and political satirist

12:00 PM Lunch


To contribute by mail please send checks, made payable to: 
Schakowsky for Congress
PO Box 5130
Evanston, IL 60204-5130


2014 Democratic Primary Endorsements

Congresswoman Schakowsky’s Endorsements in Contested Democratic Primaries

State Representative - 20th District
#61 Mo Khan

State Representative - 40th District
#61 Nancy Schiavone

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner
#72 Frank Avila
#73 Timothy "Tim" Bradford
#74 Josina Morita

9th Judicial Subcircuit
#171 Judge Jerry Esrig (Goldberg Vacancy)
#174 Anjana Hansen (Meyer Vacancy)
#178 Abbey Fishman Romanek (Preston Vacancy)

12th Judicial Subcircuit
 #174 Judge James Kaplan (Jordan Vacancy)

Appellate Court Judge
#120 John B. Simon (Steele Vacancy)

Circuit Court Judge
#142 Alfred M. Swanson, Jr. (Arnold Vacancy)

#155 Pat Spratt (Neville Jr. Vacancy)

#160 Andrea Michelle Buford (Hill Veal Vacancy)

Statement on Comments made by a candidate in the 9th Congressional District

I am greatly disturbed by outrageous comments made by a Republican candidate for Congress in the 9th Congressional District seeking to link autism and dementia to equal rights for the LGBT community and a woman’s right to choose.  There is simply no justification – scientifically or morally – for attempts to link them.  Autism and dementia are medical problems that deserve medical attention, research and support for those living with these difficult diseases and their families.

Remarks to the 2013 United Food and Commercial Workers National Convevtion

Remarks to the United Food and Commercial Workers
August 12, 2013

(Chicago, IL) Thank you so much, President Hansen, for that wonderful introduction.  I am honored that you invited me here today, and I am eager to talk with you about how we can work together to improve the lives of working men and women and strengthen America.  

I want to start by saying how important it is to have a leader like Joe Hansen and a union like UFCW in these struggles.  Over the years, we have fought important battles together.  Many of those fights have centered on health care – and President Hansen and your union are consistent and persistent champions of quality, affordable care –for UFCW members and for all Americans.

When I served in the Illinois legislature and since I came to Congress in 1999, we have fought together against a race to the bottom – companies that sought to cut back health benefits and shift costs to working families.  Mega-corporations like Walmart that refuse to provide comprehensive health benefits at a price workers can afford – especially on Walmart salaries.  Today, we are working hard to make sure that UFCW workers get the best possible treatment in Obamacare.  My leader – Nancy Pelosi – and I are working with the White House to accomplish that goal -- in the face of Republican refusal to let us make any legislative improvements to the law.

Instead, they have forced 40 House votes to repeal Obamacare.  Let me tell you, my brothers and sisters, we will not go back.  We will not take away the rights that we have won –no more pre-existing condition exclusions that affect 129 million adults and children in America.  No more gender discrimination.  No more limits on lifetime and annual benefits.  We can and must build upon Obamacare – as we did with Social Security and Medicare.  Repeal, however, won’t solve the problem of companies that don’t provide benefits or that pay too little and or cost-shift to working families to try and get a competitive edge.

Health care is just one example of the choices we have to make.  We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history.

We are faced with levels of income inequality that we haven’t seen since the Gilded Age.  
We see attacks on union that have brought private sector union membership down to 6.6% -- and the guns are now aimed not just at you but at public sector unions as well.  And we know that the two trends are tied together at the hip.  Inequality goes up when union membership goes down.

Organized labor brought us the middle-class.  That’s just a fact.  You pioneered paid leave and vacation, pensions and health benefits. You ensured that workers got their fair share of productivity gains.  

Too many working people do not enjoy those rights today -- and we are at risk of not getting them back unless we act aggressively, immediately, and collectively.  

We see the numbers:

Between 1948 and 1973, the productivity of U.S. workers rose 96.8% and wages rose 93.7%.

Between 1973 and 2011, that productivity rose 80.1% but wages rose 4.2%.  

Median household income today – adjusted for inflation – is at 1989 levels.  

28 million workers earn less than $9.89 an hour – $20,570 a year – if they work full-time.  I don’t know if you’ve seen the McDonald’s “budget” for their employees – it was clearly drawn up by people who have no clue that you cannot buy health insurance at $20 a month and that housing often costs more than $600 a month.  Their budget also assumes you must have a second job.  

I have been on the street with fast food workers who are forced to turn to government programs like Medicaid and food stamps.  The Republicans demonize those workers as “takers.”  But it’s low wage employers who depend on taxpayers to subsidize their employees because they refuse to pay a decent wage.  It’s those rich CEO’s that are the real “takers.”

We see people who are working hard but not reaching the middle-class – and who worry that as bad as it is, it may be worse for their children.

My brothers and sisters, I’m here today to tell you we can change those trends – we can rebuild the American dream for everyone.  We can restore economic and electoral democracy and make sure that we leave our children better off.  I am more optimistic today than ever – not just because I know that you are here to lead the fight but because I see workers and their allies around the country coming together like never before.  People who believe in the American promise – that if you work hard you can obtain the American Dream – and are willing to do everything possible to restore opportunity and fairness.  

So let me share with you some of my ideas for action.

First, we need to create good jobs.  Over the last 40 months, we’ve created 7.2 million new jobs – but that is not nearly enough.  The labor participation rate – the percentage of working-age Americans with a job – is only 63.4%.  4.4 million Americans who want full-time jobs are working part-time.  Many of the jobs that are being created are low-wage jobs.  And the gains that we have made through investments are being threatened by budget cuts, the sequester and a refusal by House Congressional leadership to let us make the investments we need.

We’re not talking about make-work jobs here – we are talking about putting people back to work to rebuild our infrastructure – a world-class transportation system, a smart electric grid, schools that aren’t falling down.  We can develop domestic, clean energy.  We can foster our new manufacturing industry and help small businesses. Union jobs that guarantee families have money to spend on food and consumer goods, going out to eat once and a while and maybe even taking a vacation.  Jobs that are good for families – and good for our country.  

Second, we need to stop worker exploitation.  As long as unemployment is high, most of the cards are held by employers.  Many employers look out for their workers, but many do not.  And they know that in today’s market, their workers have few places to go if they leave their job, but that the line will be out the door for people looking to take their place – even with low pay and bad working conditions.

I heard about these problems last March, at a hearing here in Chicago organized by the Retail Justice Alliance.  About workers given only part-time hours, having their schedules switched at the last minute (making it pretty hard for working parents), working men and women working 2 or 3 jobs and still not getting benefits.  That is why, working closely with your legislative staff, I introduced H.R. 675, the Part-Time Worker Bill of Rights.  This bill is designed to eliminate the incentives in current law for companies to hire part-time workers because protections are now reserved only for full-time employees.  Protections like Obamacare, the Family Medical Leave Act, and pensions under the Employment Retirement Income Security Act, ERISA.  

For decades, employers have worked hard to keep workers below the hours that would trigger health, pension and paid leave benefits.  That trend is increasing.  Over the last decade, the number of part-time workers in our labor force increased by nearly 3 million.  

I believe those practices are just plain wrong, and my bill would put an end to them.  All workers should have access to the critical benefits that allow them to provide for their families and earn financial security.  And no employer should be better off because he can avoid his responsibility by cutting workers’ hours.  My bill would ensure that all workers get Obamacare, FMLA, and ERISA protections by requiring coverage for part-time workers…that no company is advantaged because they hire part-time instead of full-time workers.

And as we move more workers to full-time hours, we need to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and fight for liveable wages

Ending exploitation means giving OSHA the tools it needs to provide safe workplaces, banning toxic substances in the workplace and increasing penalties on companies whose practices cause worker injuries and deaths.  

Part of ending worker discrimination is the enactment of comprehensive immigration reform – reform that allows 11 million immigrants to share in the American dream – the reason that they came to this country in the first place.  The ability to work hard without fear of deportation, to join a union and receive fair wages, and to ensure that their children get can get quality education and succeed.  

But more than anything, ending worker exploitation means protecting the right to organize and collectively bargain.  I’ve met with workers who would love to join union.  They want the union advantage.  They know that union workers make 27% more on average and are nearly 5 times more likely to have a pension.  But they know more – they know that a union gives them a voice and gets them respect.  

That is why so many companies are fighting so hard to prevent union organizing.  My colleagues and I just this week sent a letter to Walmart CEO Mike Duke calling on him to stop retaliatory action against those who traveled to Arkansas and are standing up for their rates and to open up a real dialogue with those workers.

I know that we have powerful opponents in these fights.  Opponents who say we cannot afford to make federal investments --- and are unwilling to raise a single dime by increasing tax rates on millionaires and billionaires.  

Opponents who are fomenting generational warfare – arguing that seniors are “stealing” from their children and grandchildren -- the same people who are pushing for deep cuts in Social Security and Medicare while at the same time cutting SNAP benefits and elementary school education for children – taking from seniors and children in order to keep tax cuts in place for the wealthy.

Opponents who are trying to block a pathway to American citizenship for hard-working immigrants but want to keep open the overseas routes that allow corporations to ship profits and jobs overseas.  

Their views are not the views of the majority of Americans – and they will not prevail.
My brothers and sisters, I remain optimistic.  I sense a new feeling in this country that we are not going to accept a new normal that denies opportunity, that turns our economy and our democracy over to a favored few, and denies our children and their children their chance at the American dream.  

I am optimistic because I believe in the power of organizing, in the power of people, and in the power of the union.