The GOP's Politics of Subtraction

The saying goes that politics is the art of addition.  Even first time candidates for any elective office quickly realize that their circle of friends and family is not enough, that they need the support people unlike themselves if they are to have any hope of winning. It's elemental.

That's what makes the Republican game plan (assuming there is one) so baffling to me.  As each day goes by, they seem to alienate another sector of our society, and most of the time it seems absolutely intentional.

While they are home for the August recess, I just wonder who’s left for them to subtract from their ever shrinking universe of supporters.

The conventional wisdom is that the Republicans made themselves safe districts, ones made up of homogeneous conservative constituents who appreciate their uncompromising and dismissive attitude toward those who disagree.  I have to wonder about that.  

Fundraising Reception with Congressman John Lewis this Sunday

Please join Jan for a reception Congressman John Lewis, a heroic leader of the Civil Rights movement, who will speak about his lifelong struggle against all forms of discrimination and the abridgment of rights, including the right to vote and the right to marry.

Sunday, June 9, 2013
1:00PM – 3:00PM
Private home in Winnetka, IL
For more information, please contact Sarah at


2013 Ultimate Women's Power Lunch a Huge Success!


Thank you for helping make this year's Ultimate Women's Power Lunch a huge success!  If you would like to view video of the remarks given by Congresswoman Schakowsky or Cecile Richards, click on the links below:

Jan Schakowsky's Speech

Cecile Richards' Speech

2013 Ultimate Women's Power Lunch

I'm very excited to announce the 2013 Ultimate Women's Power Lunch, with special guest, Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

We have a lot to celebrate at this years lunch, but we know the fight for Women's rights is never over, the progress we've made is constantly under threat.  Cecile Richards is one of the strongest voices for Women we have.  Join Cecile, me, and a few thousand other powerful women at the Ultimate Women's Power Lunch.

Click here to purchase tickets.

Friday, May 3rd
Chicago Hilton
720 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL
Power Lunch Guest: $150
11:30 AM - registration opens
12PM - 2PM - Lunch and Program (International Ballroom)

Thank You!


What a thrilling election night!  You likely share my exhilaration and yes, relief, but I hope you also feel very proud that you helped make the victories happen.
Without the work done out of the 9th Congressional District, Barack Obama might have lost Iowa, or Wisconsin, or the popular vote.  Thanks to all of you who boarded the buses for long days of traveling and door-knocking.  Thanks to all the phone-callers who made tens of thousands of calls to voters in Illinois and around the country.  Thanks to all of you who gave generously of your money, making it possible for candidates like me to have yard signs, flyers, and paid organizers.  Thanks to the volunteers who served as managers, drivers, recruiters, data inputters and the dozens of other jobs that it takes to win elections.  
Our work has been recognized at the highest levels, and we are known around the country for delivering.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!

2012 General Election Endorsements

President and Vice President   
Barack Obama & Joe Biden    #1
Representative, 9th District   
Janice Schakowsky    #11

A Preview of Romney-Ryan World

Over the last few days, I’ve gotten a real life view of what a Romney-Ryan world would actually look like – and it’s not a pretty picture.

On Tuesday night, I went to a fundraiser for a local community leader whose kidneys have failed.  He lost his good job and now he could lose his life because he can’t afford to continue his insurance.  Oh, and he may lose his house as well.
Even as I wrote my check at the crowded bar, I was shaking my head in sadness that in 2012 in the United States of America, Dave has to rely on the financial ability and generosity of his friends in order to get the life-saving care he needs.  I thought about the donation cans one sees at convenience stores that carry the sad story of a child with cancer and encourage shoppers to drop in their change.  And I realized that this is Romney-Ryan World.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: Millionaires Over Medicare

The choice between President Obama and Mitt Romney became even more stark today with the selection of Paul Ryan as Romney’s Vice President.  From Mitt Romney, the message is clear:  Millionaires over Medicare.

In choosing Ryan, Mitt Romney has now doubled down in support of an extreme economic plan, clearly spelled out in the controversial Republican budget that Paul Ryan authored, that takes from the poor and middle class and further enriches the wealthiest Americans.  President Obama has called this “Robinhood in Reverse…Romneyhood.”

Jan's Story

We wanted to share with you some excerpts from a recent article by Rick Perlstein, author of the book Nixonland.  Perlstein's article is titled, "Why Occupy Needs to Start Making Demands," and tells the story of how Jan started on her path of activism, and how the Occupy movement can learn lessons from past Progressive victories.

…stories like the one Schakowsky told me next, sitting on her Michigan City porch, about how she became a warrior for justice in the first place, and how in the process she built an army.
It was 1969. Schakowsky was a housewife with two young children, and she was in a grocery store studying a package of rancid pepper steak. "I had to ask the butcher how old this thing they called 'pepper steak' was." He wouldn’t answer. "He told me I could go somewhere else." She left.
A week later, she heard a commotion around that same meat counter, the same butcher yelling the same thing at another young housewife. But that housewife, whose name was Jackie Kendall, did not budge. Schakowsky, impressed, joined forces with Kendall and together they started a new organization – they called it "National Consumers United" – and soon figured out what no one else had: that every packaged item in a supermarket had something called an "expiration date." Problem was, the expiration date was stamped on packages in code. Kendall and Schakowsky cracked the codes and published them all in a book; and then they moved out to the stores. "We would take the old stuff off the shelf. Oscar Meyer, the packaged meats – big offenders. And once we got the codes for baby food and infant formula – days, weeks, months, years behind the date." They would put the offending items in carts and wheel them up to the store manager, having stuck them with pencil holes so they couldn’t go back on the shelves.

2012 Ultimate Women's Power Lunch with Lilly Ledbetter and U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar

I'm thrilled to announce the 11th Annual Ultimate Women's Power Lunch will be held at the Hilton Chicago on May 4th 2012. We will be featuring keynote speaker US Senator Amy Klobuchar and special guest Lilly Ledbetter. Lilly's work for equal pay led to The Obama Administration's first accomplishment in office, signing the act that bears her name, the Lilly Ledbetter act, into law. Amy Klobuchar, the first woman Senator from Minnesota, is one of brightest (and funniest) of all.  We are excited to have them both for our luncheon.
The GOP Presidential race has brought a profoundly disturbing return of anti-woman rhetoric, and now more than ever we need to stand up and remind the GOP what a room full of powerful women can do. Join Amy, Lilly, myself, and several hundred powerful women (and some very secure men) at this year's Ultimate Women's Power Lunch.

Friday, May 4, 2012
Hilton Chicago
International Ballroom

720 S. Michigan Avenue 
Chicago, IL

Power Lunch Guest: $150
Featured Guest Speakers: 
Lilly Ledbetter 
U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar
11:30 AM - registration opens
12PM - 2PM - Lunch and Program (International Ballroom)
2PM - Book signing with Lilly Ledbetter, Grace and Grit: My Fight for Equal Pay and Fairness at Goodyear and Beyond

(Click here to purchase tickets.)