The New York Times: Behind Obama's Cool

In 2004, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois attended a White House event wearing the campaign pin of her state’s candidate for the United States Senate. When she saw President Bush do a double take at the one word on her pin, she assured him that it spelled “Obama,” not “Osama.” Bush shrugged: “I don’t know him.” She answered, “You will.”

ABC Chicago: I-Team Report: Contract Combatants

"These contractors often operate in the shadows without a clear chain of command," said Rep. Jan Schakowsky, (D) Illinois.

North suburban congresswoman Jan Schakowsky is co-sponsoring legislation to curtail private contractors, who now make up an estimated 30 percent of the armed forces in Afghanistan.

"If you ask the question, 'can they get away with murder?' The answer is yes," said Rep. Schakowsky.

The Huffington Post: House Dems Want To Phase Out Armed Contractors

For Schakowsky, the movement away from contractors is strategic, moral, practical and philosophical.

"There has never been a real cost analysis. We get told that this is a cheaper way to go, that it's actually cost effective to use these outside contractors, but there has never been a real analysis of that," she says. "Because they pay them so much more, and because they've been a constant fixture throughout this war, it's estimated that 40 cents of every dollar goes to a private contractor."

Mother Jones: Lawmakers Introduce Contractor Crackdown Bill

The behavior of private contractors has endangered our military, hurt relationships with foreign governments, and undermined our missions overseas,” Schakowsky said today.

Chicago Tribune: Need a job? Try the Census Bureau

"Conducting the census is a huge undertaking," said Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., today at a news conference in Chicago. "Hundreds of thousands of census takers are needed nationwide."

The New York Times: U.S. Mulls Role in Haiti After the Crisis

“The short answer is yes,” said Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Democrat of Illinois and a frequent visitor to Haiti. “As challenging as it is, there is no question about it straining our capacities at home. This is a tiny country. It’s close, and it’s not going to be our job alone to rebuild.”

Evanston Review: Evanston to get $18 million to address foreclosures

Schakowsky released a statement Thursday, saying she was "extremely pleased," that HUD "has recognized the need in Illinois for assistance in dealing with foreclosed homes and rebuilding our communities."

Rebel Reports: Schakowsky Prepares Legislation to Ban Blackwater

Schakowsky says Blackwater has “severely damaged the credibility and security of our military and harmed our relationship with other governments”

ABC Chicago: Schakowsky backs Preckwinkle for Cook Co. board pres.

"We want to encourage all those who long for the kind of government that they deserve the kind of clean and government full of integrity and purpose and direction and focus and help for people who rely on county government and they will get it with Toni Preckwinkle," said Rep. Jan Schakowsky, (D) Chicago & North Suburbs.

The Nation: Blackwater and the Khost Bombing: Is the CIA Deceiving Congress?

"It's just astonishing that given the track record of Blackwater, which is a repeat offender endangering our mission repeatedly, endangering the lives of our military and costing the lives of innocent civilians, that there would be any relationship," Schakowsky said. "That we would continue to contract with them or any of Blackwater's subsidiaries is completely unacceptable."